Thursday, March 20, 2008

Has your widget just gone screwy

Or why sometimes using someone else's "robust" technology really sucks, and you wish you'd done it your way in the first place.

We use Widgetbox for our widget. It is a selling point, as it is stable, fast to load, doesn't interfere with your blog etc etc.

Except that they've just updated the management interface. And making a small change has screwed all our widgets up. If it's happened to you, just go into the configuration page (click on the pencil under your widget), and look down the list. Most likely the language code has appeared in your maximum results fields, but there may be more.

As Jon just posted on the Widgetbox support forum:

"This is more of an observation than anything, although could do with being fixed.

I just added a new parameter to my widget (quick plug for Linkky), using the new edit functionality.

In doing so, it has shifted some of the values for my already published widgets (so my language code got moved to my maximum results field, for example)

This means that anyone who has my widget installed will now find they have to go back and manually readjust some of their settings. At best annoying. At worst, it will lose me users who find their widget no longer works properly

Fortunately, I currently have a manageable number of subscriptions. But if you have a few thousand, they will all get screwed up if you add a parameter...


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