Sunday, March 2, 2008


This is a quick intro for what Linkky is going to be all about.

It has a few features, but all of them are concerned with extracting interesting stuff from content, and making it useful.

For example, you should be able to see a Widgetbox hosted widget alongside this blog with a scrolling list of phrases and words. Click on one, and you'll do a search of this whole blog for that phrase. Click on one of the icons, and search more widely, or suggest that it's rubbish, we should delete it from the database.

There will also be the "shrink and link" service that allows you to surf the web from a mobile phone and have all of the extraneous rubbish stripped from the pages to make it quicker to surf (and use less bandwidth), but also have important words and phrases hyperlinked, so that with one click you can go search the web for that subject. So much easier than trying to type in the URL of a search engine from your phone, and then enter the search term.

More things will be added over time.

We really appreciate any comments you have, in particular over the quality of the results we serve up. There is a lot of back-end processing that takes place to try to find what's relevant, and with your feedback, we can make that so much better.

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